Welcome to Casa Miranda! An affordable beachfront guesthouse located in the Municipality of San Juan in the Mystic Island of Siquijor!


Miranda House offers a serene and relaxing stay in the Mystic Island of Siquijor, Philippines.  It is built by a kind Englishman who fell inlove With the Island and has since settled in. .. It is now owned and managed by Filipino woman native (Agridina Espra ) who took care of him since then.

A heart warming hospitality Local Siquijodnon attends to your need here in Casa Miranda including services like meals, motorbike and bicycle renting laundry service, wifi and so on.

Casa Miranda is an perfect place for backpackers and Travellers (domestic and foreign) in exploring the beauty of the enchanted Island of Siquijor.


Each room has a double bed, a fan for ventilation and a private comfort room (CR), the optional larger rooms have kitchen facilities and fridges. The price per night is one of the cheapest on the Island; varying from Php 250.00 to Php 500.00 per night. 

Small Rooms
Php 250.00
Two-Person Bedrooms
Php 300.00
Big Rooms w / out kitchen
Php 400.00
Big Rooms w / kitchen
Php 500.00
Tree House
Php 500.00


We offer a wide variety of amazing proudly Filipino foods. We serve burgers, sandwiches, pasta and salads. You can also try our delicious shakes or drink a cold beer as you are enjoying the best view of the sunset of the Island.

We offer breakfast, lunch and dinner. Last order is catered until 8:00 in the evening. All of our dishes are cooked with affordable prices and all our love!

Motorbike and Bicycle Renting

We offer motorbike and bicycle renting for a very cheap price! Motorbikes at Php 250.00 a day but beloved customers wish to rent in a short period of time, They can only rent it at Php 25.00 per hour. We will take the passport number and customers must have driver's license upon Their renting the bike.
Biking, as a good form of exercise, at Php 150.00 a day, you can rent a bike as you stay in the Island.

Laundry Service

 At Php 70.00 / 1 kilo, we can wash your clothes.


Customers are of free access wifi while on walk-in clients are charged Php 15.00 per hour.